Oct. 15, 2010

When is enough enough?

The Blunt Truth #2 - Government by their very nature are expansionary.  They will grow indefinitely and will take from  taxpayers until there is nothing left to take, or until taxpayers tell them to stop and deliver the message personally.

It`s been an interesting time in Europe recently. Various groups in Greece and France have taken to the streets in protest to how the government has implemented austerity measures to balance their budgets.  From what I can gather this is just the beginning for them.  The reasons why this is happening are complicated, but in short, the government is cutting spending and raising taxes while simultaneously taking away benefits from large segments of the population.  This is considered unacceptable by the masses and they are showing their government that enough is enough.
We have not heard much in Canada about these events as we have been paying attention to more important things:  how is Lindsay Lohan doing,  who`s ahead on So You Think You Can Dance, how could Canada have lost our bid for a seat on the UN Security Council, and so on.

Meanwhile, at least in Ontario, the provincial Liberal government Premiere DaDinky has been to sticking it to us for years.  The Health Premium(nice word for a tax!!), the HST. E-Health scandal, higher energy rate for going green, the lottery scandal, huge severances at Hydro One, record deficits, Eco fees, police investigations at several government ministries for fraud, and the list goes on.  I can see the leaders of France and Greece wishing their citizens were more like Canadians: passive and gullible!!  If the events mentioned above were happening in either of those countries there would have been riots in the streets a long time ago and a change of government or atleast a change in leader would have occured.

I for one am livid at the circumstances.  Just hearing the name Dalton get me going(I feel bad for all 3 people named Dalton`s out there) and to be quite honest I just can`t pay anymore.  I`m seriously thinking of taking to the streets before the government puts me out there for good.  I`m all for spreading the wealth around, but the kind of abuse that these jokers have been inflicting is beyond belief.  And DaDinky is serious about running for a third term!!!  The man is either living in a dream world or has no conscience( I vote for the latter).  How much longer are people going to roll over and take this from those who are supposed to represent our interests?  How much longer before enough is enough?


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